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There are so many reasons to, let us share why!

Want to become an affiliate of Sutherland CBD?  There are so many reasons to, let us share why!

  1. You can get paid to share your experience with your followers.  When you sign up. you will be assigned a unique code that you can share on your platforms that we will track on our end! 
  2. The affiliate program is online-only, this is for tracking purchases and affiliates momentum.  You can order online and schedule a delivery or a pick-up. 
  3. When someone purchases one of our products from our online store using your unique code, you will receive 15% of that sale!
  4. Once you sign up, we will send a separate email for banking and 1099 info. On the first of the month, we will send you money right to your bank account, nothing like being rewarded for your side hustle!  If the 1st lands on a weekend or holiday, we will send it the following business day.  Remember, you WILL be sent a 1099 form!
  5. You can even be rewarded for every friend that you register as an affiliate.  For example, when your friend gets paid, we will reward you with 5% of their total sales!  These sales exclude purchases made with coupon codes.

Need some more info? Check out our Blog post regarding our Affiliate program!

There are a few rules when you become an affiliate.  

  1. You cannot be rewarded for orders from an existing customer.  We know you won't be able to control that, we will catch that once orders come in and deduct that amount from your purse.  
  2. You cannot advertise this program on adult sites.  Just don't!
  3. You cannot use your unique code for your own orders, not even under another affiliate's account. In another word, you can only be paid for new orders, just to keep it simple.
  4. If an affiliate makes a purchase using their own link/code in order to receive a commission (or uses another affiliate's link or code), no earnings will be calculated and the order will be marked as “Hidden.”
  5. You must be 18 years of age to not only be on our site but to become an affiliate also!

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