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CBD bath bomb in the water

CBD Bath bomb – Should You Enjoy the Relaxing Powers of Cannabinoids in the Bathtub?

Many people wonder whether is it safe to add CBD in bathtub; our question is, why use CBD oil only when you can instead make a bath bomb from it?

Entrepreneurial minds in the CBD industry are always making creative use of CBD in our daily lives. Just when you thought Cannabinoids couldn't get any better, a new brand comes into the market with innovative use of this magical herb. Although there are a plethora of CBD products like CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD vapes, people want more, and the CBD industry is well equipped with ideas to satisfy their customers. 

In this article, we will share some of the many benefits of CBD bath bombs, and if you stick with us all the way through, you will even know how to make CBD bath bombs at home. 


But before we share our secret technique of making CBD bath bombs at home, let’s understand a few things about using CBD in bathtubs.

What Are CBD Bath Bombs? 

There is no hard science behind CBD bath bombs. They are similar to regular bath bombs that dissolve in hot water and give you a relaxing feeling. The only difference is that there is one special ingredient in CBD bath bombs that others lack – Cannabinoids. 

A hot water bath has numerous benefits for the body. It can help in blood circulation by opening blocked vessels and even reduce sinus problems. Laying in a bathtub for longer periods can rejuvenate your mind and body. However, things get extra relaxing if you infuse CBD in bathtubs. 

That’s because the relaxing powers of CBD and its positive reaction with the skin can produce anti-inflammatory effects. On top of that CBD, infused bathtubs can ease physical discomfort, provide general relaxation, and reduce stress. 

Now that we know what CBD bath bombs are, let's take a look at how long you should stay in a CBD bathtub. 

How Long Should I Stay in a Tub With CBD? 

Using CBD bath bombs is no rocket science. Just throw the ball in hot water, and let it sit until it starts dissolving. As the hot water starts to fizzle, immerse your body in the tub, light candles, put on your favorite tunes, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful soft scented aroma in the air. 

Relaxing in a CBD infused bathtub is a soothing experience. Ideally, CBD starts to take effect if you stay for 15 – 20 minutes. Experts say taking any bath for longer than 30 minutes can dry your skin. However, how long you stay in a CBD bathtub depends on your preferences. 

Cost of CBD Bath Bombs

The cost of CBD bath bombs depends on several factors. If you purchase from a brand that spends an extensive amount of money testing their product, you can expect high prices. However, there are affordable alternatives you can find over the internet. 

But why buy a CBD bath bomb when you can make one yourself? Instead of trusting anyone with a product, we recommend making your own CBD bath bombs with CBD oil Wisconsin and other material. 

A girl making CBD bath bombs at home

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs? 

Making CBD bath bombs is relatively easier than going to the shop for one. All you need are the right ingredients and a guide to making CBD bath bombs at home. Here is a list of ingredients you will need to make a CBD bath bomb. You can add or subtract ingredients depending on your budget. 

Ingredients for making CBD Bath Bombs

  • 3 oz baking soda
  • 2 oz Epsom salt
  • 2 oz corn starch
  • 1.5 oz citric acid
  • 3 tsp coconut oil
  • CBD oil Wisconsin 
  • 6-10 drops essential oil of your choice
  • Food coloring gel (optional)
  • Bath bomb mold

CBD Bath Bomb Guide 

Now that you have collected the ingredients, it’s time to get busy. 

  1. Separate dry ingredients from the wet, and mix them in a medium-sized bowl. 
  2. Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan on low – medium heat. 
  3. Add water, essential oil, and CBD oil in coconut oil and let the mixture breathe for a while. 
  4. Now pour your liquid mixture inside the dry ingredients. Make sure to pour slowly and try not to create foam. If the mixture is too dry after pouring your wet ingredients, you can add water. 
  5. Grab two halves of a bath bomb mold and fill them with your mixed ingredients. 
  6. Take off the top half of the mold and let it dry for some time. 
  7. Once you notice that the bath bomb is firm enough to sit without the mold, remove it and let it dry overnight. 

Your bath bomb is ready! You can add food coloring too when you mix wet and dry ingredients. Throw your CBD bath bomb in the water and enjoy a soothing bath! 

Do CBD Bath Bombs Actually Work?

Since CBD bath bombs are infused with water, and the Cannabinoids make contact with your skin, it's considered a part of CBD topicals. Several pieces of research encourage its use in our daily lives. 

Despite these researches proving the effectiveness of CBD, dosage and quality of CBD oil play an important role in its success. 

Will CBD Bath Bombs Make Me High? 

A common question that lingers in everyone's mind is whether "CBD bath bombs will make me high or not.” The feeling of “high” or the state of euphoria is triggered by THC, not Cannabinoids. CBD is extracted from the Sativa plant, and contains a very low amount of THC that usually isn’t strong enough to get you high on a controlled dose. However, it's worth noting that a constant and high dosage of CBD may highlight THC in your bloodstream during a drug test. 

That said, the chances of THC appearing in your blood by using CBD bath bombs are very low. This is because CBD only comes in contact with the skin and doesn't enter the bloodstream. 

A girl holding three CBD bath bombs over a bathtub

Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs have tremendous benefits for your skin and the brain. Since this non-psychoactive compound releases Cannabinoids, they quickly react with the skin to trigger their therapeutic properties. Here is a laundry list of CBD bath bomb benefits that might convince your partner for a romantic bath with CBD infused water. 

1. Relaxation 

The number one reason for a long bath is to relax tired muscles. If you can’t shake off your anxieties and harsh words from your boss, a CBD infused bath might do the trick. Our endocannabinoid system is responsible for our mood, bodily fluids, pain sensation, libido, and appetite. CBD bath bombs stimulate the endocannabinoid system and relax the muscles while reducing anxiety. 

2. Boosts Your Immune System 

It's hard to believe that taking a bath can boost your immune system, but it's true. Aromatherapy can help strengthen your white blood cells to counter diseases invading your body. When the heat from a CBD infused bathtub clouds the air, the relaxing soft smell is CBD that you are inhaling. This initiates Aromatherapy that boosts your immunity, reduces stress, and alleviate headaches. 

3. Helps You Think Clearly 

Aside from boosting immunity and relaxing your muscles, CBD can help achieve mental clarity. When the CBD enters your body through Aromatherapy, it stimulates your mood and emotions by increasing serotonin levels in the blood. This allows you to think clearly, free from distracting thoughts. 

The Bottom Line 

CBD oil Wisconsin and CBD bath bombs are highly beneficial topical for the body. This magical; herb not only cures pain and reduces anxiety but boost skincare as well. Mix CBD oil Wisconsin in a drink, and you have a liquid that rejuvenates your body. Add CBD oil in your bath bombs, and you have a magical liquid that reduces stress. There are countless benefits of CBD oil Wisconsin and CBD bath bombs. However, the effectiveness of any CBD product depends on its quality. If you are thinking about making a CBD bath bomb at home, try our authentic and pure CBD oil for the best results. 



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