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CBD Oil for Dogs: The Good and The Bad

A dog is a man’s best friend but do we truly care about their health?

A dog is a perfect companion for those who live alone or with family. With time, our attachment with our dog becomes deeper, and a connection is established. So, when something happens to the four-legged member of the family, everyone becomes worried. 

When your dog is sick, the first thing that comes to mind is to take it to the veterinarian. The vet would prescribe some medicines and the right dosage. Sometimes these medicines are not enough, and you might be worried about your dog’s health. This lack of improvement is because the problem is not always associated with the body. 

Just like us, dogs also have hormonal and mental problems. These problems are not severe at first, but your dog’s appetite may decrease if left untreated. The only thing left now is to try CBD oil for your dog’s treatment. 

In this article, we will highlight the pros and cons of CBD oil for your dog. So, keep reading if you want to learn what diseases this magical oil can cure and boost your dog’s immune system. 

How Does CBD Oil React With Dogs 

Currently, there are not many studies that show how CBD oil affects dogs. However, it has been found that CBD oil can reduce osteoarthritis in dogs. Scientists know for sure that cannabinoids react with the endocannabinoids in the brain and stimulate the brain cells to work faster. 

This efficiency can greatly increase your dog’s mental performance, and they would be more responsive. It has also been found that CBD oil helps in keeping your pup active and healthy. CBD oil is also known for balancing the body’s hormonal secretion, keeping your dog healthy and fit. 


What to Watch Out For When Giving CBD Oil to Dogs? 

Treating your dog with CBD oil is entirely your decision. However, before you start the medication, it is best to consult your vet. Sometimes, dogs have underlying conditions that might result in a negative reaction from CBD oil. In this case, your vet would examine your best friend and let you know whether it’s safe. 

When you plan to give your dog CBD, make sure you buy from a trusted vendor. Many sellers claim to sell the best CBD oil in Wisconsin. However, when it comes to CBD oil, Wisconsin businesses and individuals are prohibited from its production without a license. The 2019 Farm Bill makes this clear. Therefore, buying from a reliable source ensures you are making a legal purchase, and the product is not harmful to your dog. 

Pros of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil in Wisconsin has yet to be widely accepted by dog owners. However, they do not deny the fact that this natural treatment is beneficial for their dog. Therefore, some of the major advantages of CBD oil are listed below. 

1. CBD Oil Helps Reduce Anxiety 

Just like us, dogs also face anxiety issues. These issues affect their appetite, causing them to lose weight. Some dogs have high levels of anxiety, which means they might show destructive behavior when left alone. These issues can’t be tackled by spending more time with your dog because life gets in the way. 

CBD oil helps control the hormonal imbalance and relaxes the brain when consumed in food. CBD oil controls your dog’s anxiety and gives you the time to available for your friends and family. 

2. CBD Oil May Help In fighting Cancer Cells 

Even though your dog seems healthy, you don’t really know for sure what’s going on inside their body. Some of the industry’s top veterinarians say that 1 in 1.67 dogs will succumb to cancer. Dogs also have the highest rate of cancer among any mammals on the planet. Therefore, it is best to be pro-active in your approach to fight this painful disease. 

Research has shown that CBD oil may help fight cancer cells. CBD oil increases the flow of endocannabinoids, which govern apoptosis. It is a process that informs the cells in our body to stop multiplying. Cancer forms when our cells no longer receive the signal from the brain and apoptosis becomes weak. 

3. Boosts Appetite 

Low appetite is a byproduct of anxiety and depression. When you spend tie outside the house, your dog becomes depressed. This state of distress causes a loss of appetite. Sometimes loss of appetite can be natural because your dog is getting older.

CBD oil is known for increasing appetite. If your dog hasn’t eaten in a while, add CBD oil to their food, and you will notice their appetite returning back to normal. This change takes place because the cannabinoids in CBD oil react with our brain and burn more energy than usual. It informs our body that we are low on energy, and the brain triggers an increase in appetite. 

4. Works as A Robust Painkiller 

CBD oil is best known for its painkilling properties. Thanks to its cannabinoids that reduce the uneasy sensation of pain, people frequently use CBD oil as a substitute for painkillers. 

Many people have reported that their dogs easily move when they are consuming CBD oil. Administering your dogs with CBD oil twice a day through food can boost their immune system as well. 

Cons of Using CBD Oil for Dogs 

Everything in life has its downsides, and this is also the case with CBD oil. However, the side-effects of CBD oil are due to excessive consumption. So if you manage how much CBD your dog consumes, you will be keeping your pet out of harm’s way. 

 1. CBD Oil Can Make Your Dog Lethargic 

Dogs are known to be fun and energetic. They add color to your life by wiggling their tails and jumping around the house. However, you might notice your dog being lethargic and sleepy most of the time. This behavioral change is because of too much consumption of CBD oil. 

When you start picking up on hints, it’s best to reduce CBD oil in your dog’s diet. This dosage change will get them back to their energetic self. 

2. CBD Oil Might Cause Mild Diarrhea

Some dog owners don’t control the amount of CBD oil in their dog’s food, resulting in side-effects. As with every other medicine, excessive consumption can result in adverse effects. Diarrhea becomes common once your dog is on CBD oil. However, this mild disease is not as severe as other diseases that CBD oil protects from. 

3. CBD Oil May Cause Other Symptoms 

Aside from experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, your dog might develop other issues. These issues happen when CBD oil is consumed for longer periods. If you start to notice your dog shaking, vomiting, and drooling excessively, you should immediately reduce CBD dosage. Try to administer 2-3 drops directly in your dog’s mouth instead of mixing it with food. Sometimes, CBD oil reacts differently when given with other substances, which might cause adverse health effects. 

The Bottom Line 

Pet dogs are a part of our family. Those who keep dogs know how adorable and loyal they can be. So, to protect their health, parents do everything in their power. Administering CBD oil in your dog’s diet has more pros than cons. Therefore, many dog owners are slowly adapting CBD oil in Wisconsin. If you plan to enrich your dog’s life through CBD oil, check out our product list. We provide the best quality CBD oil in Wisconsin while holding proper registration and legal permits. 



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