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Selling CBD Oil Wisconsin as Side Hustle – Sutherland CBD Affiliate Program

Cannabinoid, a compound found in the hemp and Marijuana plant, has become increasingly popular, and the Cannabis industry is expected to achieve massive growth. Thanks to this magical herb’s robust medicinal properties, everyone is interested in buying CBD oil Wisconsin. The CBD industry is projected to make $20 Billion by 2024 and become the fastest-growing industry in the US. If you are thinking about selling CBD oil Wisconsin as a side hustle, you are on the right track. 

Lately, CBD oil Wisconsin has become a side hustle for moms and a source of extra income. Due to the vast technological advancement, selling CBD oil Wisconsin has become easier. According to the Washington-based Direct Selling Association, 18.6 million people were directly selling $34.9 billion CBD products in 2017. Selling CBD oil is relatively easy, thanks to its wide acceptance and a huge fan base. Moreover, social media, parties, and BBQs have become some of the best places to sell CBD oil Wisconsin. If you plan to sell CBD oil as a side hustle, here is everything you need to know. 

1. Is it Legal to Sell CBD Oil?

In the last few years, CBD oil has grown from a small niche to a multimillion-dollar industry. After the acceptance of the 2018 farm bill CBD oil, many sellers have entered the market, and the cannabis industry has a new entrant every day. Although CBD oil is legal in the US, it comes with heavy restrictions. For instance, CBD products cannot contain more than 0.3% of THC because it causes euphoria. Moreover, different states have different rules; the people of Virginia cannot enjoy CBD oil Wisconsin’s therapeutic benefits without a prescription. Similarly, many states have a different take on CBD, but you can fly with CBD products if they have less than the recommended amount of THC. 

2. CBD Industry Size 

Currently, CBD is the fastest growing industry despite the heavy restriction. This is because CBD products, such as CBD oil, CBD vapes, and CBD topical, have shown tremendous healing abilities. Moreover, CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant properties make it highly desirable. According to Nutrition Business, the sales of CBD products in 2018 have grown by 57%, translating into $238 Million. 

This shows that the market is willing to buy CBD products, and there is a lot of potential for increasing sales or for new entrants to make their way in this gold mine. While shoppers prefer buying CBD oil from brick-and-mortar stores, the convenience of buying CBD online is causing a market shift. Now, more businesses are shifting to online paradigms, and new employment opportunities are fueling the US economy. 

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3. How to Sell CBD as Side Hustle 

There are countless unique opportunities to start selling CBD online as a side hustle. However, how you get there is the right question. To start selling CBD on the side, you need to learn about all the products made from CBD and which ones are most sought-after. You don’t need a brick and mortar store to do business. Going online is the right approach amidst the pandemic, and you can easily manage your online presence. 

  • CBD Products - The CBD industry is relatively new, and entrepreneurs are getting creative with it every day. Here is a list of all CBD products you can sell. 

  • CBD Tincture - CBD tinctures generally come in a small bottle with a dropper. Customers can consume CBD tincture orally by placing the dropper under the tongue and allowing the oil to absorb. 

  • CBD Vapes - CBD vape is a creative way to consume and enjoy the therapeutic properties of this medicinal herb. It’s mostly used at parties or by people who wish to quit smoking. CBD vapes are consumed like a regular vape; however, they contain an adequate dose of CBD. 

  • CBD Gummies and Edibles - CBD gummies are a rapidly growing sector of the cannabis industry. Since gummies and other edibles like brownies, cookies, and drinks are enjoyed by many people, adding CBD makes them more beneficial for the mind and the body. 

  • CBD Topicals - CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and it can quickly react with the endocannabinoids present on the skin. CBD topicals are lotions or creams that people can apply to their bodies to cure skin diseases and rejuvenate the skin cells for a glowing look. 

  • CBD Capsules - CBD capsules are the perfect remedy for curing seizures and digestive issues. The small pill is consumed orally, and it enters the stomach. From here, the capsule breaks down and mixes with the bloodstream to reach the endocannabinoids in the brain. This process stimulates relaxation, and the body heals its self. 

Marketing CBD Products 

Just like any side hustle, selling CBD also requires marketing. However, the FDA’s limitations prevent most sellers from embarking on their entrepreneurial adventure in the cannabis industry. Social media marketing also risks account suspension on paid promotions of CBD products. The only way left to promote your brand is through conventional channels and organic marketing. However, you must read the terms and conditions of any online channel you are planning to embark on. This will significantly reduce your chances of getting banned and help you devise better marketing strategies. 

CBD products mostly market themselves. If you supply high-quality premium and pure CBD products, you will acquire new customers through word of mouth marketing. However, finding the best CBD oil is challenging, and this brings us to our next step in selling CBD products as a side hustle. 

How to Gain Competitive Advantage in Selling CBD Oil 

For any side hustle to transform into a full-fledged business, you need to have a competitive advantage. This sounds easy to do, but in a market with fewer barriers to entry and substantial revenue, it’s challenging to survive. 

Selling CBD oil can prove to be profitable because the cannabis market does not have any price regulations. All sellers have their own rates depending on the potency of their product. You can easily sell CBD oil as a side hustle from SutherlandCBD and make a profit. As you accumulate finances, you can start your farm and harvest your own CBD. 

Harvesting CBD – Hemp vs. Marijuana 

As a new entrepreneur, you need to understand the two major sourcing of harvesting CBD and their difference. Hemp and Marijuana are two plants that are rich in CBD; however, hemp outranks Marijuana. Moreover, CBD extracted from Marijuana contains higher THC levels, which can become troublesome for you if you sell it. Extracting CBD from Marijuana may be cost-effective, but it’s risky. As a vendor for CBD oil, you should understand this difference and separate one from the other. Customers prefer pure CBD oil, so you should always choose products made from hemp. This will ensure your customers receive a non-intoxicating substance that is safe to use. 

How to sell CBD as a side hustle

Challenges in Selling CBD as Side Hustle 

The cannabis industry faces unique hurdles that most businesses are immune from. As the FDA announces more relaxed regulation for CBD, things might get better. However, if you want to start selling CBD, here are a few challenges you will face. 


Access to reliable and reputable banking might become challenging because of the fluctuating regulation on selling CBD products. Many banks and financial institutes hesitate in doing business with CBD sellers due to burdensome oversight. 


Starting your own business requires the best insurance policy that can mitigate loss and protect you from bankruptcy. However, the insurance agencies are reluctant to work with the Cannabis industry, and the prices are always elevated due to the looming threat of a ban. 

Payment Process 

Receiving clients’ payments is troublesome for the cannabis industry because most online payment methods charge a premium on CBD products. Moreover, VISA had declined support for CBD businesses, and this has caused a significant downfall in sales. 

Join Sutherland Affiliate Program and Avoid All Challenges! 

Sutherland CBD is a well-known seller of high quality and authentic CBD products. If you are looking to start your side hustle, you can leave all the challenges to the professionals. When you join the Sutherland Affiliate program, you can enjoy the following benefits. 

  1. You can get paid to share your experience with your followers when you sign up. You will be assigned a unique code that you can share on your platforms.
  2. The affiliate program is online-only; this is for tracking purchases and affiliates’ momentum.  You can order online and schedule a delivery or a pick-up. 
  3. When someone purchases from SutherlandCBD online store using your unique code, you will receive 15% of that sale!
  4. Once you sign up, you will receive a separate email for banking and 1099 info. On the first of the month, you will receive money right to your bank account, nothing like being rewarded for your side hustle!  If the 1st lands on a weekend or holiday, we will send it the following business day.  Remember, you will be sent a 1099 form!
  5. You can even be rewarded for every friend that you register as an affiliate.  For example, when your friend gets paid, we will reward you with 5% of their total sales!  These sales exclude purchases made with coupon codes.

If you want to take the lion’s share out of the cannabis industry, you should start working with Sutherland CBD now! 





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