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Why CBD Is Better Than Anxiety Pills - Get Your Natural Sleep Cycle Back

CBD is a buzz word that's been on everyone's mind right now. After the acceptance of the 2019 farm bill CBD oil Wisconsin, everyone is trying to make a fortune out of it. It is a $2 Billion industry that has reached its 40% target by the end of 2017. This rapid growth is due to the many benefits of CBD oil and its advantages over anxiety pills. 

One in every 6 Americans takes anxiety pills to cure depression and other mental problems. It is a multi-million dollar industry being replaced by CBD oil because of its natural healing properties. CBD oil in Wisconsin is entirely legal and can be purchased over the counter of any shop in the state. 

Where anxiety pills induced forced secretion of hormones that govern our sleeping-cycle, CBD is a natural substitute that secretes the hormone in a controlled manner. There are countless benefits of CBD over anxiety pills, but most people are not aware of them. 

In this article, you will discover how CBD works, its advantages over anxiety pills, and what does research says about CBD. 

1. How Does CBD Work Its Magic 

How CBD works is purely scientific, but its effects are magical. People who use CBD oil have reported drastic improvements in their anxieties. It is farmed from hemp, making it safe for people of all ages. The best part about CBD is that you will not experience a high from consuming it.

But how does it work? 

The human body is riddled with protein-based receptors that are chemical structures attached to the brain cells. These receptors accept signals from various stimuli, which triggers a response. CBD is believed to interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors that are found in the cerebral or peripheral nervous system. 

The exact method by which CBD interacts with these receptors requires more research. However, it is believed that CBD controls the secretion of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in governing our mood and mental health. Excessive or reduced secretion of Serotonin induces the feeling of depression or anxiety. 

The conventional treatments for low serotonin levels are anxiety pills such as sertraline, which either stop or increase Serotonin's dosage in our brain. CBD oil acts as a gate-keeper for this drug and manages its secretion. 

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2. What Are The Side-Effects Of Anxiety Pills? 

When people are overwhelmed with a heart-pounding panic attack or exhausted from a sleepless night, they will do anything to find relief. Such patients find themselves trapped in other diseases associated with the side-effects of anxiety medication.

It is not commonly known, but anxiety medication can cause heart diseases and other problems far worse than the original illness itself. 

Moreover, anxiety medications, like Benzodiazepines, are known as tranquilizers. Although the medication shows improvements in just 30 minutes, it numbs the brain to control serotonin levels. Apart from this, there are several other side-effects of anxiety pills such as, 

  • Drowsiness 
  • Dizziness
  • Mumbled speech 
  • Memory problems 
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Obscure vision 
  • Migraine 
  • Upset stomach 
  • Sexual Dysfunction

People who decide to quit anxiety medication are prone to face withdrawal symptoms, including heart-pounding, sweating, seizure, insomnia, and depression. Many people misunderstand withdrawal symptoms as a return to their medication. However, significant time away from these pills can reduce these symptoms, and the body returns back to its natural state.  

3. What Do Researches Say About CBD and Its Relation To Anxiety?

The National Institute On Drug Abuse has stated that CBD has shown significant improvements in anxiety and depression patients. However, more research is needed to draw a conclusion. 

A 2015 review of more than 40 studies have shown strong evidence in support of CBD as a treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental illnesses. 

CBD oil is said to be beneficial for people with severe anxiety symptoms such as Social Anxiety Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and anxiety-induced insomnia. CBD's chemical structure is naturally designed to calm the nervous system, helping reduce neurological illness. 

A 2016 study discovered that CBD has antipsychotic effects on people with schizophrenia. Furthermore, CBD has fewer side-effects as compared to some antipsychotic drugs.

A large case series in 2019 recorded the effects of CBD over insomnia and anxiety. A group of patients was given an adequate dosage of CBD oil, and remarkably 80% of them reported going back to their natural sleeping cycle. 75% of these patients reported having normal sleeping patterns after the first month of the trial. 

These results are mostly positive; however, there is much room for investigation in this matter. One thing to notice is that these tests are not conducted on a substantially large population. CBD has yet to prove that it has healing properties for general masses. However, the results of multiple studies, whether conducted on small or large samples, have proven positive. This reinstates that CBD oil is a somewhat better substitute for anxiety medication. 

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4. How To Consume CBD Oil

There are several ways CBD oil can be consumed, and it all depends on your creativity. The acceptable ways of consuming CBD oil is through vape, drinks, lotion, and edibles. However, the important part is the dosage. According to several studies, consumption between 300mg to 600mg of CBD oil can reduce social anxiety disorder. 

Moreover, excessive consumption of CBD can create health-related problems. CBD oils can also react with other medications sometimes, so it's always best to consult a doctor before using CBD oil in Wisconsin. 

5. How To Buy CBD Oil In Wisconsin

CBD oil is legal in most of the states of America. In the case of Wisconsin, the commercial use and selling of CBD oil have been accepted by the state in the 2019 farm bill. You can find CBD on the countertop of many stores in Wisconsin. However, CBD oil is conditionally legal in the state for therapeutic and recreational use. Nevertheless, it is important to buy from reputable sellers to ensure you get the best CBD oil in Wisconsin.

Moreover, buying low-quality CBD oil could cause health-related problems. Therefore, it is crucial to check whether the product has third party testing or not. This helps identify the potency of the CBD oil and whether it is safe for consumption. If your seller fails to provide a third-party testing certificate, its best to avoid buying from them. 

The Bottom Line 

Both CBD oil and anxiety medications help manage mental issues. What sets them apart are their side-effects. Another tipping point in favor of CBD oil is that it's an herbal remedy, whereas anxiety medications are chemical products. 

The long term effects associated with anxiety medication are dangerous and sometimes life-threatening as well. The withdrawal symptoms that accompany these pills are even worse. In a nutshell, anxiety pills are a one-way street, and there is no coming back. In contrast, CBD oil is not addictive because it is harvested from hemp, with all its addictive properties are removed. 

CBD is one of the 100 chemical compounds found in marijuana. According to research, CBD can cure cancer and other fatal diseases. If you are interested in buying CBD oils, then take a look at our product gallery and order the finest quality CBD oil for yourself and others. 




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