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The gentleman helped explain the differences and what we needed for our needs. Very kind, helpful and informative place. We will be back!

~ Becky Eggerth

Walking in I was nervous cause I have never tried this stuff. Was put totally at ease and given many options to fit my price range and what I needed. I was even able to sample some pain rub, where I couldn't move my hand much when I walked in walking out I could even put pressure on it what a difference! I would recommend this place to everyone! Thanks guys you are awesome!

~ Elizebeth Lyons 

This family knows their stuff! Visit them and if they don't have the answer, they get it! They promote CBD, sell CBD and most importantly they USE THEIR PRODUCTS! With successful results!

~ Nikki Shutrop 

The employees are great, and the products are awesome. I have severe pain in my hip and back from a car accident injury and the CBD store has done more for me than the doctors offices have! I definitely recommend people try this out of they haven't yet!

~ Sadie Lee Grozdanich 

The gentleman I talked to today made me feel welcomed and made sure I was well informed of any and all options. I felt as though I was talking to a friend. Thank you so much!

~ Heather Dansereau

I came in with my own base knowledge and research, but the different oils and options were a little much! Thankfully the staff helped me get the products I was interested in! So even if you have no idea what you're going in for, there are plenty of resources and options!

~ Mollie Marena 

I've been experiencing some extra stress lately triggering my anxiety to more serve levels. I started having chest pain and ended up having one of the worst anxiety attacks ever. I was light headed, sweating, short of breath, racing heart and so on. Doctors did a chest x-ray to make sure it was heart problems, which is was not. The next day I felt so mentally drained. I was on my couch crying until I had enough. I have heard nothing but good things about CBD oil and decided it was time to try it out for myself. I was nervous about coming into the store but the girl was SO nice and friendly. She answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I got the gummies and the pen. Took one gummy and 2 hits from the pen. I feel a lot calmer! My chest pain went away. I don't feel so drained. I just feel level. I am off of my couch and writing this! That in itself says a lot. I have tried many anxiety medications. One made me depressed and more anxious, one made me extremely tired and the other one made me wake up a lot at night. I am glad I found something natural, that works! I am grateful for your store, employees and product!!! Thank you!

~ Autumn Khalar 

I came in the other day with my Sister in Law and we chatted about the topical products. I used some on my lower back and it helped so much more than just my ibuprofen! Tonight I had a bad muscle cramp in my shin (so bad you could see them happening) and anytime I tried to help it I’d get one in my calf. It hurt so bad and i was trying to stretch, massage and just down water trying to get it to stop. I remembered the CBD oil we had in the medicine cabinet so I quickly just took the dropper and put some on my leg and rubbed it in all over. Not even 2 min later and the cramping stopped! Now I’ll definitely have to pick up my own salve to keep on hand!

~ Maren Esterholm


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